stupidactor (stupidactor) wrote in stehpie_fanclub,

SIDEWAYS with Stephanie

Sounds like the title of a movie you watch through the static on cable. Anyway, more reasons why Stephanie rocks:
-I had the pleasure of going to see SIDEWAYS with her on New Year's Eve day. She bought my ticket for me when the frickin' Loews people carded me (I forgot my ID) and wouldn't sell me an R ticket. SO yes, she rocks.
-The running commentary through the entire movie. Just loud enough to be heard, and quiet enough to be personal. Joy!
-I learned about ridiculous stuff she does when she gets drunk. I want one the next time you get hammered!
-Plus, she looked absolutely smokin'. Keep your eyes on the screen and your hands where I can see them, boy!
My only gaffe was that I did not perform the rock ballad I wrote for her. I swear on my non-existant pet dog, it will be ready for you next time.
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