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the time is nigh

i have yet to have a face-to-face conversation with stephie because i'm overwhelmed by

- the aura of greatness that awashes those within a 5.2 mile radius
- the unabating intelligence which radiates from her BRAIN
- the adoration that is apparent on everyone's face when she walks by
- THE LOOKS; beautiful and wonderful to behold.
- the hair (i know this goes along with THE LOOKS but you all know what i mean)
- the respect. like i said, i don't know her well, but RESPECT. that's all.
- the nervousness.. the OMFG-THERE-SHE-IS-SAY-HI-SAY-HI-NO-WAIT-DON'T-MOVE kind of nervousness.
- the $killz to pay the BiLLz. come on, piano? political commentary? life? she pwns them all.

i would go on, but i really haven't done this SIP rough draft thing and my life is too hanson, too furious at the moment.. anyway, i've been worried about joining/posting in this community for awhile, but here i am: 45 minutes of sleep in the last 48 hours, hopped up on mountain dew, and ready to proclaim my girlcrush to the world.

yours in the struggle to cope (HAHAGETIT) with stehpie's greatness,
jenyogi, senior
enthralled since september 2004ever
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